5 Common Mistakes Made With Scaffolding

5 Common Mistakes Made With Scaffolding

There are so many small mistakes that can be made while using scaffolding that can lead to big accidents, and we want you to be aware of the 5 most common we see.

1)    Workers who are not trained. Like other professionals in the construction industry, knowing your job site and equipment is important to prevent problems and injuries. Those who are not trained for scaffolding often do not understand how fall protection works, their immediate surroundings, or common sounds of danger.

2)    Not building the scaffolding correctly. Scaffolding can be a complex structure to erect, and if done incorrectly, can lead to collapse. We always suggest following OSHA standards and maintenance for scaffolding as to keep your equipment in the best shape, avoid fines, and keep your crew safe.

3)    Not using the correct fall protection. When you have workers suspended on a tall landing like scaffolding, fall protection is essential to avoiding some major injuries. These extra steps keep your workers on the scaffolding, as well as their tools and materials. Investing in these details can help prevent future damages.

How to erect scaffolding

4)    Falling objects causing injury. As a result of improper fall protection, it isn’t uncommon falling debris, tools, or other objects have injured workers below. Netting, footboards, and rails are great tools to combat these problems and help avoid falling objects in the future.

5)    Ignoring or failing to note other external risks. When scaffolding is constructed, it is almost daunting how tall it can be. With that height, it can often lead to risk regarding electrical work. Though injury in this regard is often less, the damage caused by high voltages can lead to fatal injury if not dealt with before work begins.

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