ASSE/ANSI 490.1 Criteria For Safety Instructor Qualifications

ASSEANSI 490.1 Criteria For Safety Instructor Qualifications

ANSI Z490.1-2016 Instructor Qualifications

Trainers should be “competent” in developing and implementing the various elements of a safety training program.

Trainers can gain competency by achieving an appropriate level of technical knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) in the subjects they teach. They can gain these skills through training, continuing education, and of course, on the job experience.

Trainers should be:

  • competent in effective safety training delivery techniques,
  • able to use methods that are appropriate to employee learning preferences, and
  • able to apply adult learning principles appropriate to the target audience and the learning objectives.

It’s important to document trainer competency by maintaining course completion certificates, experience records, licensing, and other documents. The methods used to document trainer competency is left to the discretion of the employer.

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