Check the Different Definitions Of Accident

Check the Different Definitions Of Accident

There are different types of definitions of “Accident”. We’re sharing some different accident definitions, hopefully it will help you better in understanding the definition of “Accident”.

What is “Accident”

  1. Oxford Dictionary

An unforeseeable event often resulting in injury.

  1. British Safety Council

A management error; the result of errors or omissions on the part

of management.

  1. Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)

Any deviation from the normal, the expected or the planned usually resulting in injury.

  1. Frank Bird, American Exponent of ‘Total Loss Control’

An unintended or unplanned happening that may or may not result in personal injury, property damage, work process stoppage or interference, or any combination of these conditions under such circumstances that personal injury might have resulted.

  1. Health and Safety Unit, University of Aston

An unexpected, unplanned event in a sequence of events that occurs through a combination of causes. It results in physical harm (injury or disease) to an individual, damage to property, business interruption or any combination of these effects.

The pre-accident situation

In any situation prior to an accident taking place, two important factors must be considered, namely:

  1. a) The objective danger

This is the objective danger associated with a particular machine, system of work, hazardous substance, etc. at a particular point in time.

  1. b) The subjective perception of risk on the part of the individual

People perceive risks differently according to a number of behavioral factors, such as attitude, motivation, training, visual perception, personality, level of arousal and memory. People also make mistakes. Ergonomic design is significant in preventing human error.

The principal objectives of any accident prevention programme should be, firstly, that of reducing the objective danger present through, for instance, effective standards of machinery safety and, secondly, bringing about an increase in people’s perception of risk, through training, supervision and operation of safe systems of work.

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