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Check The Good Ergonomics Requirements At A DSE Workstation

Check The Good Ergonomics Requirements At A DSE Workstation

Good Ergonomics Requirements At A DSE Workstation

The numbered issues are as follows:

  1. Adjustable height and angle to seat back.
  2. Good lumbar support.
  3. Adjustable height seat to bring the hands to a comfortable position on the keyboard. The seat also has a stable five-star base.
  4. Correct seat height adjustment and keeping the feet supported prevents excess pressure on the underside of thighs and backs of knees.
  5. Foot support if the user cannot get their feet on the floor.
  6. Space for postural change, no obstacles under the desk; this allows the user to fidget and change position as they work.
  7. Forearms approximately horizontal when hands are on the keyboard.
  8. Minimal extension, flexion or deviation of wrists; wrists should be straight and flat when on the keyboard indicating proper seat height adjustment.
  9. Screen height and tilt should be adjustable so as to allow comfortable head position.
  10. Space in front of the keyboard to support hands/wrists during pauses in typing; a wrist-rest can provide further support if required.

In addition to these points:

  • The desk should be laid out to minimize the need for twisting or overreaching (e.g. when reaching for a telephone).
  • A document holder may be required.
  • If frequent telephone use is necessary when using the keyboard, a headset may be required.
  • Workplace lighting should be provided to avoid reflections on the screen and glare.

Unfortunately, some of these good ergonomic principles cannot be applied to the use of a laptop computer. If laptops are going to be used in the workplace then:

  • Allow short-duration use but not long-duration use.
  • When laptops are going to be used for long durations apply the same management approach of workstation assessment, frequent breaks, eye test, information, and training.
  • Provide a docking station and/or separate screen, keyboard, and mouse, as required, to allow the user to convert the laptop to a more adjustable configuration.

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