Control Of Background Noise In Call Centres

Control Of Background Noise In Call Centres

Possible control measures to implement include:

  • reviewing the design and layout of the room and workstations:
  • reducing external and building service noise
  • reducing reverberation within the room by using sound absorbing materials
  • placing acoustic barriers around/between workstations and other call center areas
  • encouraging people to not talk loudly or hold discussions near operators
  • locating fax machines, photocopiers and printers away from operators
  • controlling radio noise and use of mobile telephones
  • with hot-desking, ensuring changeovers are smooth hot-desking and quiet
  • providing sufficient room for workers to move around at changeover times without

Managing Acoustic Incidents

After an acoustic incident, the worker should:

  • remove the headset immediately
    in some circumstances, move to the ‘break out’ area
  • report the incident and any symptoms to the supervisor
  • discuss with the supervisor their ability to continue work and, where appropriate, relocate to another workstation.

After an acoustic incident, you should:

  • ensure the event is recorded and logged
  • discuss the incident and ability to continue work with the worker
  • where symptoms are persistent or severe, refer the worker to a general practitioner and/or an audiologist for assessment and treatment of possible injury
  • enquire into the cause of the noise, including whether it is from an internal or external source
  • ensure the headset and other equipment is checked for clarity of sound and possible damage and faults
  • remove damaged or faulty equipment from service
  • review the adequacy of the noise control measures and general working environment.


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