Cutting Safe Work Practices And Precautions

Welding or Cutting Containers

Used Containers

Do not weld, cut, or perform other hot work on used drums, barrels, tanks, or other containers until you clean them.

  • Clean them thoroughly to ensure there are no flammable materials present or any substances such as greases, tars, acids, or other materials which might produce flammable or toxic vapors when subjected to heat.
  • Disconnect or blanket any pipelines or connections to the drum or vessel.

Venting and Purging

Vent all hollow spaces, cavities, or containers to permit air or gases to escape before preheating, cutting, or welding. You should purge with inert gas.

Cutting Hazards and Precautions

Another part of the welder’s job involves cutting operations such as oxyacetylene cutting and

plasma arc cutting. Observe these safety precautions when performing any cutting operation:

  • Never place hands or fingers between the metal plate and the bed.
  • Never place hands under the hold-downs or knife.
  • Ensure all personnel is clear from the piece being cut.
  • Support the plate to avoid injuries to workers if the cut end of the metal falls away.
  • When using oxyacetylene cutting equipment, ensure that the work area is gas-free. This is particularly important when working in bilges and other spaces where dangerous vapors may collect.
  • Always post a fire watch to protect the surrounding areas and personnel. The high- pressure oxygen stream used in cutting with an oxyacetylene torch can throw molten metal for a distance of 50 to 60 feet.
  • When using oxyacetylene cutting equipment, remove and tag out any interfering systems, if necessary.
  • Install all covers, insulators, and handles before attempting to operate the plasma arc cutting equipment.
  • When using plasma arc cutting equipment, open all primary disconnect switches before charging any electrical connections.
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