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The Effects & Types Of Fire

The Effects & Types Of Fire

Types of fire

As far as safety is concerned, there are two types of fire;

a) controlled (safe) fire.

  • There is a good control on the size, duration, temperature, smoke, and fumes of fire.
  • This is used in our daily life such as cooking, heating (by gas, coal or kerosene), car, airplane, and rocket engines.
  • It requires the presence of air (oxygen), fuel and heat (ignition source).
  • These components are termed the fire-triangle.

b) uncontrolled (dangerous) fire.

  • There is no control on the size, duration, temperature (1000 oC or more), smoke and fumes of fire.
  • This type of fire occurs due to the accidental (or due to a criminal act) spread of fire to catch combustible materials.
  • In addition to oxygen, fuel and heat, this type of fire require an uninhibited chain reaction.
  • In an uninhibited chain, reaction burning continues and may even accelerate.
  • This chain reaction occurs due to the breakdown and recombination of the molecules that will add to the fuel of the fire.

Effects of uncontrolled fire

  • a) human loss: burning from extreme heat; suffocation from smoke and fumes and death
  • b) Structural damage: damage to labs, offices, and buildings
  • c) Material damage: damage to instruments, equipment, furniture, and supplies
  • d) Disruption of work
  • e) Financial losses

Fire Safety Equipments and devices.

  • Smoke & heat detectors (usually in the ceiling)
  • Fire and emergency alarms (switched on by emergency buttons or handles)
  • Fire and emergency lights (red)
  • Water sprinklers (usually in the ceiling)
  • Fire extinguishers (various types according to class of fire)
  • Water hydrants with attached hose
  • Fire blanket (to wrap around the burned person or to cover devices on fire)
  • Emergency exits signs and lights
  • Fire and emergency exits
  • Fire and emergency stairs and escapes
  • Firebreak area (for assembly of people)

Fire Safety Quiz

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