How Leadership Impacts The Design Of Mission & Vision Statements

How Leadership Impacts The Design Of Mission & Vision Statements

Perception is Reality

They say, “perception is reality.” The employer can shape perceptions by educating employees, customers, and the public about its commitment to “safety as a core value.” One way that can happen is by including commitment to safety in the company’s vision and mission statements.

Vision and Mission Statements

The vision statement lets the employee, customers, and the public understand who you are by defining the role your company plays and what its basic values are. The vision statement reflects the corporate culture. One way to understand corporate culture is to think of it as the company’s unique “personality” setting it apart from all others.

Sample Vision Statement

XYZ Widgets values its “relationship with the customer” above all. To be successful we treat all employees as valued internal customers. We respect their ideas, value their work, and provide whatever is needed so that they may accomplish excellence in a safe and productive manner.

The mission statement tells the world what you do. It lets everyone know why your company exists, by stating its intended purpose. The mission statement lets everyone know what your company’s product or service is; who its customers are; what its service territory is.

Sample Mission Statement

It is the mission of XYZ Widgets to safely manufacture and deliver the highest quality megalithic cyber widgets to our valued customers throughout the world.

If your company doesn’t have a mission statement, try to develop one and convince management of the benefits that will result from a written mission statement. Now let’s take a look at two basic approaches employers may adopt in safety and health program management: reactive and proactive safety.

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