Importance Of Meeting Leadership Responsibilities In Allocating Resources

Importance Of Meeting Leadership Responsibilities In Allocating Resources

Leaders Allocate Resources

To effectively demonstrate leadership through commitment, management must provide adequate physical and psychosocial resources to achieve expected standards for performance, and address program shortcomings when they are identified. To show this commitment, management should:

  • Estimate and provide funding for the resources needed to establish and implement the program.
  • Allow time in workers’ schedules for them to fully participate in the program.
  • Integrate safety and health into planning and budgeting processes, and align budgets with program needs.
  • Provide and direct resources to operate and maintain the program, meet safety and health commitments, and pursue program goals.

Leaders Expect Performance

We mentioned in the first module tough-caring leadership expects high standards of performance. To be effective, management leads the program effort by establishing roles and responsibilities and providing an open, positive environment that encourages communication about safety and health. To set and realize excellent safety performance, leaders should:

  • Identify persons who will lead the safety function.
  • Define responsibilities and give managers, supervisors, and employees authority to accomplish those responsibilities.
  • Hold everyone accountable for their safety performance. Appropriately discipline when justified and positive recognition for safety excellence.
  • Establish ways for management and all workers to communicate freely and often about safety and health issues, without fear of retaliation.

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