Learn About The Procedures Involved In PAT Testing

Learn About The Procedures Involved In PAT Testing

Portable Appliance Testing

Ensuring the safety of your premises is of paramount importance. Any violations of the accepted norms result in penalty measures. As a company owner residing in the United Kingdom you would be familiar with the regular visits from the Health and Safety inspectors.

Testing all the portable appliances in your work place on a frequent basis becomes mandatory in order to ensure the safety of your employees. But first you need to know the appliances that can be categorized as portable electrical ones. The answer is quite simple as anything that has a plug attached to one end and can be moved from place to place falls under the aforesaid category.

Checking such appliances is possible by the pat testing method which is considered to be the legal way of examining all portable electrical appliances.

The actual process of an electrical pat testing is quite lengthy comprising of a series of tests. All the safety factors are checked extensively as well. Any bare wire without proper insulation may be the cause of fatal accidents.

It is likewise for outdated and worn appliances which tend to get overheated. Water damage is yet another area that requires to be looked into. Any sign of water seepage within the appliances or the wire attached to it can cause an explosion as soon as it is plugged into the socket.

The formal procedure for checking involves professionals who conduct it in isolation with only the testing team around. The entire process is carried out in accordance with the regulations laid down by the Institute of Electrical Engineers known as the IEE in short.

There are several steps involved in the actual testing process. Some of the most important ones are:-

Visual Inspection

A tester looks carefully at the appliances for worn out or ragged wires, broken pins of the plug, cracks in the body of the appliance itself as well as the casing. Any discrepancy here would result in a failure to pass the PAT testing.


The place where the appliance is located needs to be inspected as well. Dry areas with adequate ventilation together with controls which can be accessed easily are the pre requisites for clearing the test.


The earth bond test is one of the most crucial tests here. Several instruments are used to check the continuity required between the pins of the plug and the other external components.


The insulating material as well as the resistance is examined during this step.


This is practically the last step of the process and involves switching on the appliance in order to ensure that it is working properly.

After concluding the test the results need to be stated clearly as well. Sticking a label on the appliance is the most common practice. The details are also required to be put on the label along with the date of the test and the probable date for the next test.

In today’s world, pat testing is extremely necessary largely of the electrical appliances plus portable piece of equipment are vital to be pat tested on regular basis. All the trade owners have to do pat testing in their workplace premises regularly. It is too essential intended for the landlords to have their appliances pat tested.  Pat testing is nowadays enforced by the governments of various nations across the earth.

In order to make sure safe with well environment the household machine are vital to be pat tested. Correct pat testing equipment’s help to accomplish the pat testing. The first step of the pat testing is visual inspection. You contain to visually inspect every plus all electrical and transportable item along with ties case, screen and housing.

The electrical cables, transformers, caps are to be inspected that are connected by the machine. You should appositely look out for some type of damages in the equipment’s as well as the corks. The marks of burn or overheating are too to be checked. The covers of the fitting must plus to be checked appropriately. Twisted or exposed cables are to be settled appositely.

Behind the fundamental illustration inspection is finished, you should then confirm the transformers also corks meticulously. The cables within the corks are to be checked suitably. The loose cables that are within the plug ought to be suitably settled. Next you ought to check the fuse. Matching fuses ought to be attached plus every of the plugs of diverse electrical equipment’s.

Once the testing of the plug parts and illustration inspection is concluded, you can now move over to more intricate electrical testing. There are assorted tests to be conducted plus various sorts of examination equipment’s, pat testing equipment’s plus electrical test equipment’s are essential for the investigations.

Pat testers beginning companies for example Fluke plus seaward are really admired with reliable meant for the task of the pat testing. You can avail the beloved fluke pat testers form products 4 testing. Products 4 testing is a popular company that deals into all sorts of pat with electrical testing equipment’s.

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