Man Saves His Family From Burning Building By Throwing Them to Safety

Man Saves His Family From Burning Building By Throwing Them to Safety

In an emergency situation, parents would do anything to save their children. This quick-thinking Russian dad saved his family by “throwing” them out of a burning building, though he knew it was too dangerous—he had no other choice!

Passersby captured a shocking video of a family jumping out of a building on fire during the end of May 2017 in Strunino, Russia.

Helena and Vitali Balabanov were at home with their two children, 3-year-old Ksenia, and 11-month-old Evgeni, when they smelled smoke coming from a fire that broke out in their neighbor’s home.

The neighbor next door managed to escape, but when Vitali opened the door to get his family to rush out of the home, he found it was too late as the entire staircase was on fire.

The only option they had was to jump out of the window. But their apartment was on the fifth floor, and it was extremely risky to jump from that height.

With no choice left, Vitali threw out a rug to the crowd that had gathered below, asking them to use it as a “rescue net.” He planned to “throw” his family out of the window, and asked the people below to catch them with this makeshift net.

People were screaming, “Don’t throw them!” but he still did. He first threw his youngest child, Evgeni, then Ksenia, and then his wife. Fortunately, everyone was caught successfully.

However, when Vitali made the life-saving jump, he ended up with injuries to his spine, and was hospitalized for a few days.

The whole incident was caught on camera. The Braveheart dad’s quick thinking saved his family. His actions proved that only by staying calm and in control can we handle all possible situations.

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