How Much Electricity is Dangerous

How Much Electricity is Dangerous

Current through the body, even at levels as low as 3 milliamperes, can also cause injuries of an indirect or secondary nature in which involuntary muscular reaction from the electric shock can cause bruises, bone fractures and even death resulting from collisions or falls (i.e. fall from a ladder after receiving a small shock).

Current & Effect

0.5 – 3 mA Tingling sensations

3 – 10 mA Muscle contractions (painful)

10 – 40 mA “Can’t Let Go” phenomena

30 – 75 mA Respiratory paralysis (possibly fatal)

100 – 200 mA Ventricular fibrillation (likely fatal)

200 – 500 mA Heart clamps tight

1.5 A Tissue and organs begin to burn

Typical effects on the human body based on exposure

Burn Hazards Associated With Electricity

The human skin provides great protection from normal elements; however human skin provides poor protection from extreme heat which is a byproduct of exposure to electricity. Typically there exist three types of burns: Electrical burns happen when electric current flows through tissues and organs. Arc burns result from high temperatures (up to 35,000 F) when an arc flash event occurs. Thermal burns typically happen when skin touches a hot surface.

Fast Fact: It doesn’t take much for human skin to burn – in fact, an exposure of 203 F for just one-tenth of a second (6 cycles) is enough to cause a third degree burn!

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