Obligations Placed Upon Employers Under Recommendation 10 of ILO R164 – OSH Recommendation,1981 (No. 164).

Recommendation 10.

The obligations placed upon employers with a view to achieving the objective set forth in Article 16 of the Convention might include, as appropriate for different branches of economic activity and different types of work, the following:

(a) to provide and maintain workplaces, machinery, and equipment, and use work methods, which are as safe and without risk to health as is reasonably practicable;

(b) to give necessary instructions and training, taking account of the functions and capacities of different categories of workers;

(c) to provide adequate supervision of work, of work practices, and of application and use of occupational safety and health measures;

(d) to institute organizational arrangements regarding occupational safety and health and the working environment adapted to the size of the undertaking and the nature of its activities;

(e) to provide, without any cost to the worker, adequate personal protective clothing and equipment which are reasonably necessary when hazards cannot be otherwise prevented or controlled;

(f) to ensure that work organization, particularly with respect to hours of work and rest breaks, does not adversely affect occupational safety and health;

(g) to take all reasonably practicable measures with a view to eliminating excessive physical and mental fatigue;

(h) to undertake studies and research or otherwise keep abreast of the scientific and technical knowledge necessary to comply with the foregoing clauses.


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