Royal Marines Among First Candidates To Take Health And Safety Qualification

Royal Marines Among First Candidates To Take Health And Safety Qualification

Former Royal Marines who followed the well-trodden path from the Armed Forces to occupational safety and health have begun to deliver a new qualification in the field – with existing Royal Marines among the first candidates.

Military personnel who are based at RM Condor, near Arbroath in Scotland, were joined by civilians to begin to study the NCFE IOSH Level 3 Certificate in Safety and Health for Business.

The qualification provides a business-centred approach to worker protection for organisations, and builds on existing IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health) courses, including Managing Safely.

The first unit was delivered from 21-24 May by IED Training at its facilities in Arbroath by former Royal Marine Alan Starr, with Ian Clark being the internal quality assurer.

IED Training was set up by Ian and Paul Barrett after they left the Armed Forces. The organisation already offered a suite of IOSH-approved training courses and successfully underwent IOSH’s rigorous due diligence process before receiving its license to deliver the new Level 3 course.

Ian, the Managing Director, said: “Since setting up IED Training three years ago, we have worked closely with IOSH to secure accreditation of a number of our courses, and we have developed a very good professional relationship with them.

“For some time now, we have been delivering the Managing Safely course to our clients, including a number of Royal Marines, and we know that they are very keen to move on to the next level to further their knowledge and understanding with the Level 3 Safety and Health for Business course.

“By the very nature of the work that Royal Marines do in their everyday lives, they have been hugely health-and-safety compliant.

“By taking these courses, they have been able to put it all in perspective, which in turn will help them in their current military careers or when they transition to civilian life. We also have a number of other delegates taking part from a range of professions, including the food and drink industry and legal services.”

Ian and Paul are among a significant number of military personnel who have turned to a career in occupational safety and health, citing the fact the existing knowledge of the field they have acquired makes the transition a smooth one.

Safety and Health for Business was launched by IOSH in November 2017. It was developed in collaboration with awarding body NCFE. It has been designed in response to a positive trend in the world of work, in which businesses increasingly identify good safety and health as a driver for improved productivity, reputation and resilience.

Businesses which buy into the course will benefit from increased levels of competence around health and safety, strengthening the protection offered to employees in the area.

Richard Orton, IOSH’s Director of Business Services, said: “The new Level 3 Safety and Health for Business qualification provides a strong grounding explaining how safety and health excellence underpins business performance and productivity.

“Every day, members of the Armed Forces face many risks to their safety and health. Their alertness to this, combined with the leadership and teamwork skills they develop, means this area has become a natural second career choice for many former military personnel.

“In fact, the skills and perspectives gained through this qualification are transferrable to many roles within civilian life. Through its combination of technical skills and all-round knowledge of how safety and health benefits business, people who complete Safety and Health for Business are well-placed to help their employers deliver success.”

IOSH Training and Skills consulted with global organisations and leading practitioners to develop this qualification and its course materials. It is cost-effective, time-efficient, regulated and highly relevant for business.

Successful completion of the course enables delegates to apply for Associate Membership of IOSH and application for Technical Membership.

Image: Ian Clark at the Royal Marines base

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