Scaffolding Falling Off Building in Downtown Portland, Oregon

Scaffolding Falling Off Building in Downtown Portland, Oregon

A powerful storm downed trees, power lines and toppled construction scaffolding in downtown Portland on Sunday, March 15. High winds knocked out power for 45,000 people across the the Portland Metro area on Sunday. No one was injured in the accident at the corner of Southwest 4th Avenue and Washington Street, according to the Portland Tribune.

the gusty winds wreaking havoc on the Portland area knocked down scaffolding at the building that formerly housed the Greek Cusina restaurant, known for its iconic purple octopus.

The restaurant shut down in 2010 and the building, at Southwest Fourth Avenue and Washington Street, is being renovated. It’ll feature offices and a banquet hall on the first floor.

Scaffolds can be a safer and more productive way to work than ladders, but they must be set up correctly, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health warns, noting that the majority of fatal falls among construction workers in Massachusetts involve scaffolds.

The department recommends workers follow these general provisions:

  • Scaffolding should be assembled under the supervision and direction of a competent person.
  • Provide safe ladder access – workers should never climb on braces or structural members/frames.
  • Use scaffold-grade lumber when creating platforms.
  • Install guards and toeboards on all scaffolds that are 10 feet or two frames above the ground (whichever is less).
  • Have a competent person train all personnel in safe scaffolding use.
  • Ensure the structure is able to support 4 times the maximum intended load, including its own weight.

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