Special equipment’s that might be fitted to vehicles to protect drivers

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Where necessary, vehicles should also be fitted with:

A seat for the driver (and seats for any passengers).

Driver protection and restraint systems, such as:

  • Seatbelt.
  • Roll bar or roll cage to protect the driver in the event of overturning.
  • Guard to protect the driver in the event of falling objects.

A horn.

Visibility aids, such as cameras and mirrors.

An audible reversing alarm to warn pedestrians.

A beacon or flashing light to warn of an approaching vehicle.

Vehicles should be:

  • Suitable for their intended use.
  • Suitable for the environment and conditions in which they are used.
  • Maintained in safe working order.
  • Only driven by suitably trained, qualified staff.
  • Inspected routinely before use.

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