The Serious Road Accident Caught On Camera

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Road accidents are undoubtedly the most frequent and, overall, the cause of the most damage. The reasons for this are the extremely dense road traffic and the relatively great freedom of movement given to drivers.

Accidents involving heavy goods vehicles (especially coaches and lorries with trailers) occur all too frequently despite calls for responsible behavior, for respect of the loading regulations and the highway code, as well as the obligation for drivers to adapt their speed, which affects stopping distances, to the traffic and weather conditions (rain, ice, fog, etc.).

The prevention of road accidents is also extremely important and will be ensured by strict laws, by technical and police controls, ongoing training for drivers (especially those involved in the transport of dangerous substances) and, if need be, by legal and administrative penalties for those responsible.

Intervention and rescue measures

The control of all accidents is, in the first instance, the responsibility of the commander (chief) and personnel of the affected means of transport. It is up to them to limit the resulting damage as much as possible.

Passengers must obey the directives of the personnel on board (protective and rescue measures) and behave as they are instructed by the regulations on disaster situations, especially air, rail or maritime disasters.

As far as search, rescue and assistance operations are concerned, the means or system of transport involved and the area (country) where it occurs will determine who is the person in charge at the disaster site.


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