Training & Retraining Requirements For The Hazards Associated With Falls


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The employer must provide information and training to each employee prior to exposure to hazards and in a manner that the employee understands.

Fall Hazards

Before any employee is exposed to a fall hazard, the employer must provide training for each employee who uses personal fall protection systems. The employer must ensure that each employee is trained by a qualified person. The employer must train each employee in at least the following topics:

  • The nature of the fall hazards and how to recognize them;
  • The procedures to be followed to minimize hazards;
  • The correct procedures for using, installing, inspecting, operating, maintaining, disassembling, and storing personal fall protection systems.

Equipment Hazards

The employer must train each employee on the proper care, inspection, storage, and use of equipment, including dockboards, rope descent systems, and designated area set-up and use, before an employee uses the equipment.


The employer must retrain an employee when the employer has reason to believe the employee does not have adequate understanding and skill. Retraining should also be conducted annually if employees do not perform operations regularly that require fall protection. Situations requiring retraining include the following:

  • When changes in the workplace render previous training obsolete or inadequate;
  • When changes in the types of fall protection systems or equipment to be used render previous training obsolete or inadequate; or
  • When inadequacies in an affected employee’s knowledge or use of fall protection systems or equipment indicate that the employee no longer has the requisite understanding or skill necessary to use equipment or perform the job safely.

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