Video Shows Police Officers Rescuing Victims Buried in Rubble After Ohio House Explosion

The Video Shows Police Officers Rescuing Victims Buried in Rubble After Ohio House Explosion

Police officers in Ohio rescued victims buried in rubble after a house exploded in Ohio.

The Columbus Division of Police released bodycam footage from Officer Gary Orahood, who responded to the scene with Officer Joe Burkey.

In the footage, a woman buried in the rubble can be heard pleading for help as the officer works to remove the debris. Several people join the rescue and reassure the woman as they try to reach her.

After the woman, identified by the police as Vernice Hill, was removed from the scene for medical treatment, a male victim was discovered in the rubble and also rescued.

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Police officials praised the officers and community who rushed to help after the explosion that occurred around 8:15 a.m. on Friday.

The Columbus Division of Fire said it had launched an investigation into the explosion.

The house that exploded was one of a number that was scheduled for renovations, 10-TV reported and area residents had been ordered to relocate to make way for the remodeling.

After the residents were relocated, though, some people identified as scrappers were seen entering the units, prompting the Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority and Columbia Gas to turn off the gas and hire private security to patrol the area.

Following the explosion, Columbia Gas said it tested its lines serving other buildings in the area and that they’re all safe.

Officials with the utility expressed confidence that its lines were not the source of the explosion.

Firefighters told ABC 6 that a preliminary investigation showed it may have been a natural gas explosion set off by scrappers taking metal from the home.

Columbus Fire Chief Steve Martin said that it’s unclear if the two people who were rescued were inside the home at the time of the explosion or were just passing by; they were rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.


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