Water Heater Explosion Downs Building, Kills 10 in Iran: Report

Water Heater Explosion Downs Building, Kills 10 in Iran Report

Iranian media are reporting that a water heater has exploded in Mashhad in the country’s north, causing a building to collapse and killing 10 people.

Five others were injured and hospitalized in the Saturday incident, according to the reports, which did not elaborate. It was one the most deadly such incidents in Iran.

Many Iranians use gas-consuming storage water heaters and similar cases in the past have been blamed on gas leakages from the heaters and a disregard for safety measures.

Saturday’s report from the YJC.ir news website says the explosion happened early in Mashhad, some 900 kilometers, or 550 miles, northeast of the capital Tehran.

It said six of the victims died immediately at the site following the collapse of the two-story building and four died in the hospital.


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