What Affects the Flow of Electricity?

What Affects the Flow of Electricity

Electricity flows more easily through some materials than others. Some substances such as
metals generally offer very little resistance to the flow of electric current and are called

A common but perhaps overlooked conductor is the surface or subsurface of the
earth. Glass, plastic, porcelain, clay, pottery, dry wood, and similar substances generally slow or
stop the flow of electricity. They are called “insulators.” Even air, normally an insulator, can
become a conductor, as occurs during an arc or lightning strike.

5 electrical safety tips you should know for your home

  • Replace or repair damaged power cords. Exposed wiring is a danger that cannot go overlooked, the NFPA wrote. …
  • Don’t overload your outlets. …
  • Avoid extension cords as much as possible. …
  • Keep electrical equipment or outlets away from water. …
  • Protect small children from hazards.

Obey warnings to stay away from electrical circuits and locked-out equipment. Leave work on energized equipment to qualified workers. Keep machines and other electrical equipment clean and well lubricated. Use extension cords only when authorized—and of the right capacity.

Never leave electrical tools or equipment unattended; turn them off when not in use. Don’t overload sockets, outlets, or cords. Replace damaged cords and cables immediately. Ensure your workspace is dry and clean.

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