What We Heard About Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)

What We Heard About LockoutTagout (LOTO)

When talking about workers protecting themselves, a pit loader operator with 2 years of mining experience said, “You just have to make sure to follow rules like putting locks on for LOTO. Most people have a lot of experience. They know not to do something like restart equipment or machines during maintenance or cleaning.”

Is it really a risk?

In just 6 years (between 2009 through 2014), 13 workers at SSG&A operations died because equipment or machinery was not locked out and tagged out when they should have been.

Four of the workers were killed because equipment, such as a belt, was energized by a co-worker who didn’t realize maintenance was being performed on it at the time.

It really happens.

A worker with more than 10 years of experience talked about a time when he chose to not lock out, saying “One time I went up on that chute and was shoveling material from the chute without having locked it out.

I knew I should have locked it, but I also knew there was no one else in that area of the pit. Nothing happened, but looking back, it was a really bad decision.

Yes, there was no one else in the area when I started the job, but someone could have driven over and turned that belt on while I was up there. I was standing on the belt shoveling material.

If someone had turned the belt on, it would have taken me right up the chute and dropped me out of the top and I would have fallen and probably died.”

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