What You Would Do At An Intersection To Avoid Being Hit By A Reckless Driver

What You Would Do At An Intersection To Avoid Being Hit By A Reckless Driver

Reckless and Careless Driving

You can’t control what anyone else is going to be doing on the road. But you can control what YOU are doing. Whatever type of driver you encounter on the roads, be prepared for them. Do

not engage them but rather prioritize your safety and that of your passengers so that you arrive at your destination safely and alive.

Below are examples of tips on anticipating and responding to reckless drivers. Ways to protect yourself and your family from reckless drivers.

  • Look far ahead for any signs of abnormal activities, lights, dust clouds, etc.
  • Switch lanes. Get some space between you and the other driver.
  • If you have a passenger, have them call the police to report the other driver.
  • If the other driver is in a company or government car, get the other vehicle’s information and report it to the employer.
  • Be cautious when crossing an intersection. Wait three seconds after the light turns green. Never assume your right-of-way. Look to the left, right, and ahead of you, twice, before moving off.
  • Never keep pace with a speeder, and let them pass if they are tailgating you.
  • Increase your following distance if you are behind a reckless driver. If they crash, you will come up on them very quickly and possibly crash into them. A large distance between you and a reckless driver will give you time to react should the other driver not signal their intentions when doing something.
  • If a reckless driver is acting aggressive, never meet the aggression with aggression. That will only escalate a bad situation.
  • If you see reckless driving ahead, you may want to consider pulling off the road into a parking lot or, if on a highway, taking the next exit.

Always be on the lookout for reckless drivers, especially on-coming traffic.

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