Woman caught driving car on railway tracks, blames GPS

Woman caught driving car on railway tracks, blames GPS

A woman in Pennsylvania was caught driving her car on railway tracks and reportedly claimed she simply followed the GPS. The woman, who police confirmed was not under influence of any substance that would have compromised her ‘decision- making’, insisted that she landed onto train tracks due to her car’s navigation system.

The Duquesne Police Department put up a post titled ‘The GPS told me to do it’ on Facebook and narrated the bizarre incident.

The post read: ‘This evening at approximately 10pm [EST], the city of Duquesne Police Department was dispatch for a vehicle on the railroad tracks at Grant Avenue and State Route 837’.

It continued: ‘Arriving Officers learned from the driver, a female from Sewickley, that her GPS advised her to go this way’.

The woman’s car was towed from the scene and she was cited for careless driving, according to reports in IBT. Fortunately, a major tragedy was averted as the woman ended up right on the railway tracks which run parallel to the highway.

One Facebook user commented: ‘I am not familiar but I am sure GPS didn’t say make a left then a sharp left or make a right then a sharp left. Once she made that turn she would have known you can’t turn there’. To this, the police replied and wrote: ‘Just to be clear.

This vehicle was going straight on the highway and veered off. There was no turn involved here’.

Recently over the Thanksgiving weekend, a 51-year-old woman from Alexandria, Virginia, was killed after her car was stalled on a train track in Cumberland, Maryland, local news outlet DVM reported.

Passersby rushed to help her when her car got stuck on the train tracks. Suddenly, her car gained momentum and rolled back, throwing the woman out of the vehicle. She succumbed to her injuries later in the hospital.


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