Work Boot that Protects Workers from Electrical Hazards

Work Boot that Protects Workers from Electrical Hazards

At home, children are warned to keep away from switch board sockets. Not only children but also adults need to be safe, especially at workplace. Each and every workplace needs to be a comfortable and safe working environment to the workers. Companies and industries enforce strict rules in terms of safe work wear as well as footwear, so that the employees are fully protected while working.

Hence, protective clothes and a safety work boot that is incorporated with latest features needs to be purchased. Adhering to proper dress code ensures protection and comfort every single day of work. Since, electricity is used on a regular basis at home as well as workplace; employees tend to overlook the downside of it.

A gamut of work boots designed by various well-renowned brands is available. Since, each and every job is different and the level of risk involved varies, boots are manufactured accordingly. While searching for footwear, it’s important to choose a work boot that is best suitable for the kind of job that a worker does.

Workers are exposed to high voltage electricity not just for a single day but daily, as most of their lifetime is spent in factories, industries and construction sites. Being careless in a work environment, which poses electrical hazards to the workers can be highly dangerous. Electricians, construction workers and drillers come in contact with electrical circuits and equipments on a regular basis.

Employees need to protect themselves from being electrocuted by wearing a work boot that is capable of performing to full extent. The rate of shock-related deaths is quite high in a workplace where workers are constantly exposed to electrical hazards. Even if electrical shock does not cause death, occurrence of minor internal burns, muscle damage and cardiac arrest is common. Hence, each and every worker such as an electrician, driller and construction worker needs to ensure that he is wearing clothes and boots that offer extreme safety. What kind of footwear is best suitable for an environment where exposure to electrical hazard is quite high? A work boot that is labeled with EH (Electrical Hazard) needs to be chosen.

Since, workers rely upon quality and performance of a work boot, footwear designers or manufacturers need to ensure that the end product is nothing but the best. Boots have the tendency to wear out quickly due to regular and rough usage. Even though boots that are made out fine quality material provide greater shelf life, maintenance is what enables the boots to function well.

Taking proper care and cleaning work boots is very important, since they play a crucial role in safeguarding the workers from numerous electrical hazards at workplace. Examining the work boots on a regular basis is of utmost importance. If any signs of cuts or punctures are witnessed, it’s imperative to replace the work boot immediately. Failure in maintaining the footwear reduces the protection and comfort it offers.

Though the extension cord is one of the most useful equipments used in any house for fulfilling various needs of connecting electrical appliances, yet it is not without any hazards. If not used according to the instructions put forth in the manual that comes with it, you or your dear one might get harmed. In fact, a recent survey revealed that every year in US alone about 4,000 people are treated in hospital emergency rooms associated with injuries incurred due to electric cords.

The injuries may range from electric shocks to fractures, lacerations, contusions, or sprains from people tripping over these cords. And unfortunately, half of the injuries involve children under the age of five years. Even, most of the house fires are caused due to short circuits, overloading, or damage in the extension cords or power supply cords.

Here are a few things that you should avoid in order to ensure total safety from your extension cord at home.

“Do not overload your extension cord with too many gadgets. Some people plug in lamps, TV sets, and electric heaters into a single extension cord, which may results in serious accidents.

“Ensure that the cord you are using have features like safety closures, warning labels, rating information about the electrical current, etc. for the protection of children and adults.

“Also ensure that the cords do not dangle from the counter or table tops. This is to prevent tripping, which is the most common cause of accidents that happen due to extension cords or wiring harness

“Always replace cracked or worn out extension cords with new ones, which have locking plugs so that children in the house do not get injured.

“If the cords you are presently using lack safety closures, then you should immediately cover them with the appropriate electrical tape or with plastic caps for prevention of accidents

“If you are using extension cords for outdoor tools and appliances, use only the ones that are specially designed for the purpose. Most of the times they are labeled as “for outdoor use”.

Apply these safety tips while using any extension cord variety and ensure absolute home safety. Even for buying other electrical appliances like wiring harness, power supply cord, or locking plug, it is mandatory that you always buy UL certified ones for overall safety of you and your dear ones for prevention is always better than cure.

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