Most Common Reasons for Ladder Accidents

Most Common Reasons for Ladder Accidents

Ladder Accidents

Safety should be regarded as the most important focus whenever a ladder is used. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Many people are injured or die from ladder deaths yearly. In fact, over 700 occupational deaths a year are attributed to ladder falls. Statistics show that there are a few common reasons for so many yearly ladder accidents.

Improper Use

The most definite reason for the high amount of ladder injuries is an improper use. You should never use a ladder in any other way other than the intended purposes listed on the ladder. You should also never modify a ladder to get more extension.

Three points of contact should be made during ladder use at all times. For example, two hands holding the railings and one foot on a step. While on the ladder, make sure that you do not reach for anything that could displace your balance. It is much safer to get down from the ladder before reaching for anything.

Utilizing Old or Broken Ladders

Many ladder accidents are caused by the use of broken ladders. If your ladder is worn, damaged, or broken you should never consider using it again. Nothing lasts forever, including your ladder.

After years of use, your ladder is more susceptible to breaking, especially if you are contributing your weight to it. If you have a wooden ladder, be sure to store it inside. When wood gets wet it is more likely to rot.

When wood is rotten on a ladder it no longer has the strength to perform its intended use. Inspect a ladder each time before use to determine if it is capable of holding your weight.

If upon inspection you decide that your ladder may not be able to perform its task have it properly fixed to the manufacturer’s standard or replace it with a new ladder from IndustrialLadder.com.

Improper Placement

Placing a ladder in a place that endangers the worker is another common reason for ladder accidents. You should never place a ladder in front of a door that is not locked because if someone opens it, you are sure to fall.

Always make sure before climbing a ladder that it is placed on the level ground so that it does not tip during use. The best safety precaution to take while using a ladder is to have another person hold onto the ladder close to the base to prevent swaying. If another person is not nearby braces can be used for extra support.

Choosing the Wrong Type of Ladder

Choosing the wrong ladder can lead to many ladder accidents. All ladders have a weight capacity and it is unwise to disregard these during use. It is possible for a ladder to collapse due to too much weight.

If your ladder is not high enough to work at the required height, never modify it by attaching other ladders or equipment to gain extra length. Instead, choose the right ladder for the job at IndustrialLadder.com.

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