How To Pass NEBOSH IGC In First Attempt?

How To Pass NEBOSH IGC In First Attempt

This question comes to the mind of every student who wants to appear in the NEBOSH exams. When the student searches on google how to pass NEBOSH exams, so many links come out with this or similar titles like passing NEBOSH in the first attempt, how to get success in NEBOSH, tips to pass NEBOSH and so on.

But to be very honest, I found it all irrelevant to what student really wants. So following are the unique and useful tips to pass NEBOSH in the first attempt.

  • Instead of dividing the course into elements, divide it into topics
  • Learn proper use of action verbs
  • Currently, most common action verbs or command words are:

    – Identify
    – Outline
    – Give
    – Explain
    – Describe
  • Try to make notes for every topic. Remember range of points is more important than the detail of single point. Thumb rule ‘one point for one number’. The detail required will be determined by the given action verbs or command words.
  • Important mnemonics should be memorized so that no point will be missed and hierarchy of points could remain systematic. Some useful mnemonics are ERICPD, DRIFFTIC, SREDIM.
  • The answer should be in points rather than using paragraphs, because in paragraphs marks can easily be deducted, especially for identify and outline.
  • When the answer is in form of points then try to conclude every point in accordance with the question. If the question is not straightforward and the scenario is given then the use of some words from the scenario is also useful in starting of the answer.
  • Spend sufficient time in reading and understanding questions.
  • Use of dictionary can also give you extra 30 minutes as per NEBOSH policy.
  • Attempt all the questions
  • Take live classes from well-reputed trainers
  • Read book thoroughly after the class on daily basis.
  • Do revision with the help of past papers.
  • Several answers are given in examiners reports in a better way than in course books.
  • Don’t delay your exams once you start the course as it may bore you.
  • Don’t split your papers, try to appear in both papers in the same session.

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