Shopping Malls Electrical Wiring Fire Fire-fighting Equipment Design Requirements – Large Shopping

Shopping Malls Electrical Wiring Fire Fire-fighting Equipment Design Requirements

With the rapid development of market economy, various shopping centers tend to be large, integrated, the number increased dramatically, expanding the scale, while shopping the market is ever increasing fire frequency, to the people, causing serious loss of life and property. Therefore, the personnel-intensive, large-scale construction of large shopping malls, the fire equipment Electric Wiring should be reliable, fire resistance, safety, and effective scientific and so higher demand.

At present the existing national norms on fire electrical equipment power supply system design proposed regulations and requirements more clear, relatively speaking, of the electrical distribution line fire electrical equipment requirements specified requirements of fire less, thus combining the fire safety of large shopping malls requirements of large-scale fire-fighting equipment distribution line shopping selection, laying, fire design and performance requirements of a preliminary study.

1, Fire Equipment, The Characteristics Of Distribution Lines

Fire-fighting equipment and distribution lines required by its decision to the requirements of power supply system, which mainly supply line fire-fighting equipment reliability and power of holding fire, ie fire resistance of electrical circuits. Fire the reliability of the main distribution line refers to the process of fire, especially early in the fire and fighting with high reliability, while including the normal course of operation with the reliability to ensure the normal supply and the effective implementation of fire evacuation and fire fighting, fire losses will reduce to a minimum.

Fire, the fire power distribution lines can be continued demand, also be interpreted as a continuation of the reliability of fire distribution lines, is to ensure that the event of fire and fire into distribution lines may be in the scene, can continue for a certain requirement electricity, to implement effective guidance and initial fire fighting.

Two large shopping malls all fire line fire safety design of electrical equipment

(1) Fire alarm system Electrical distribution lines

Automatic fire alarm system is an important prediction of fire facilities, for the early detection of fires and fire fighting early in time plays an important role. Because of its role mainly in non-fire and fire during the early stage of automatic fire alarm system in the extension of the electrical circuit preferably Flame Retardant Wear protective tube type cable laid in non-combustible structure layer (protective layer thickness is greater than 30mm), commonly used for the current bus system Fire Alarm System in the trunk, trunk line loop as an long, often to pass through a different fire district, and more for the next deposition, once the trunk lines will result in failure of all monitoring points within the circuit is no monitoring of the state. Therefore be put forward higher requirements, such as the use of fire-resistant cables laid in the fire-resistant cable tray, the conditions of the skin can be used to protect steel mineral insulated cable fire.

(2) Fire Hydrant Pumps, spray pumps, distribution lines

Fixed fire-fighting facilities, fire hydrant system, water pressure pump, pressure water spray system, pump, water pressure pumps and other fire safety curtain system Pump The main work is to implement fire-fighting equipment. Fire pump operating normally or not, is directly related to the effect of fire fighting, fire safety design of its distribution lines should be of particular attention.

Fire pumps generally concentrated to set the pump room, the power distribution lines, including two- Power supply Or double-loop power distribution lines and all extensions of two parts water pump motors, pump motors are usually laying method of distribution lines and buried pipes can be used to wear protection layer in the non-combustible structures, or overhead cable tray for surface, such as fire-resistant cable is used accompanied by the best fire-resistant type cable tray, to improve the fire resistance of heat resistance of electrical circuits.

The pump house power supply normally provided directly by the mall substations, substations and pump house near to or are in close proximity, and belong to the same fire partition, fire lines or fire can be used along bus-type cable tray fire clearly apply, as far away from substations and pump house (such as fire across different partitions), you should use copper cable fire power.

(3) Smoke devices

Mall smoke control device is an important fire prevention facilities, which include the pressure to send Fans , Smoke machines, various types of valves, dampers, etc., the normal operation of these devices is directly related to the effects and effectiveness of evacuation to prevent fire spread.

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Many accidents and injuries are caused by faulty electrical wiring. If people were a bit more aware of the things that can cause these unfortunate incidents, none of these mishaps shouldve happened. Preventing wiring accidents is easy once a person knows where and how he or she should install and use electrical wiring. Better yet, one can let an expert do the wiring installation or repair.

Electricians are highly-trained professionals trained to troubleshoot, repair, and install wirings. It is these people that keep a communitys structures electrically efficient. There are some precautionary measures that should be considered when dealing with electric systems.

Placing an outlet near an area that often experiences moisture, for instance, would not be advisable because water is a conductor of electricity. This is considered basic knowledge in electrical engineering. Outlets that are wet can cause electrocution to dwellers. Water might also short-circuit power outlets, which usually leads to fire accidents.

Intertwined or damaged cables might also be a cause of fire. When wires are tied together in a disorderly manner or if a power outlet has several appliances plugged to its sockets, short-circuiting is likely to happen. Its always a good habit to untangle electric wires or power cables to avoid electrical problems. An outlet near paper, plastic, or cloth is prone to accidents as well. These materials can also spread fire very easily.

Twin cities electric companies offer electrical services or assistance to those who are uncomfortable with handling electrical devices and wiring. Hiring these companies is safer than operating on electrical wiring yourself. If youre worried about the costs of hiring an electrician, just remember that the problems and damage caused by accidents would be more expensive to fix or repair.

Twin cities electric companies can also educate their clients on the correct usage of power outlets, cables, and electrical wiring systems. These are also capable of installing furnishings that need to be connected to the houses electrical system, such as ceiling fans and alarm systems.

Another common cause of accidents is wires that are chewed off by pets or animals. Twin cities electric companies can replace these wires with new and safer wiring. Active wires become potentially dangerous when their insulating surfaces, usually made of rubber, are removed.


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