The “FIVE STARS” Safety Supervision Model

The key 5-STARS of safety supervision and leadership are:

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Supervision – overseeing work activities to make sure employees are safe.

Training – conducting safety education and training.

Accountability – insisting everyone complies with company safety policies and rules.

Resources – providing physical resources (tools, equipment, materials, etc.) so employees can work safely.

Support – creating a supportive and psychosocial work environment (schedules, workloads, recognition, etc.) so employees do not work under undue stress.

S – Provide Supervision

Let’s start with the basics. If you look up the word supervise in Webster’s Dictionary, you’ll see it is derived from the Latin term, “super-videre,” which means “over-to see”. Before the common use of the term, “supervisor,” the term used most commonly was “overseer.” To supervise now commonly means:

  • Observe and direct the execution of a task, project, or activity.
  • Observe and direct the work of someone.
  • Keep watch over someone in the interest of their or others’ security

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