Control Measures For The Erection Of An Independent Tied Scaffold

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Possible control measures to be implemented when erecting an independent tied scaffold include ensuring that the scaffold is designed for the load it is intended to take and that it is erected by a competent scaffold contractor on firm, level ground with base plates used to spread the load.

The scaffold components should be free from damage. The scaffolders should wear fall-arrest equipment during the assembly to prevent falls.

The scaffold should be tied securely to the building with the appropriate number of ties to prevent collapse, taking into account possible loads and adverse weather conditions.

  • Correctly designed for use and load.
  • Designed for weather.
  • Equipment to be used.
  • Stable ground.
  • Base plates and sole plates.
  • Scaffold not damaged and in good condition.
  • Erected by competent persons.
  • Inspected before use.
  • Scaffolders wearing fall-arrest equipment.
  • Securely tied to structure/ building.
  • Protected from vehicles.

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