Functions Of Labour Inspection And Actions The Labour Inspector Could Take Following The Visit

Functions of labour inspection:

  • to Advise the employees and employers of their rights and obligations to employment law
  • to conduct inspections
  • to investigate complaints made by workers to a labour inspector
  • to secure and enforce compliance with an employment law by securing the undertaking or issuing the compliance orders; and
  • to perform any other prescribed function

Following visit

Inspector will securing Undertaking

  • if labour inspector has reasonable grounds to believe that an employer is not in compliance with any provision of the Act may endeavour to secure a written undertaking like he may seek to obtain agreement
  • If an employer remains fail to comply with the written undertaking given by the employer then the Director-General may apply to the Labour Court for issuing an order directing the employer to comply the above.

Inspector using legal mandate following inspection can Issue compliance order

  • If labour inspector has reasonable grounds to believe that an employer has not complied with a provision of the Act may issue a Improvement NoticeProhibition NoticeBoth are compliance order that also mentions the date by which the employer should serve it or if he wish he can Take it to the Labour Court
  • The employer need to display a copy of the recieved compliance order at prominent places at workplace
  • An employer must comply with the notice order within the time period stated in the order.