How To Complete An Online MEWP Pre Use Inspection Checklist

Nationwide Platforms, the UK’s market leader in powered access hire, understands that safety is of utmost importance for their customers. That’s why they have created these handy online MEWP Pre-Use Inspection Checklists for Scissor lifts, Boom lifts, and Low-level access platforms.   

These forms are available both in printable versions and online!  Follow our handy guide below on how to use these forms. 

What is a MEWP pre-use check? 

A pre-use inspection is required to ensure the machine is safe to operate. A checklist is a simple way of formalizing a safety inspection to give an operator a consistent set of specific things to look for.  

This inspection must be recorded in a log on the equipment or near the process and be available for review. 

Mewp Inspection Checklist

What should be included in the pre-use inspection checklist? 

There are a number of standard checks that must be checked on all MEWPs before use.  These may include but are not limited to: 


  • Wheel security (nuts, retainers loose, damaged or missing) 
  • Tyre pressure (pneumatic, foam filled or solid) 
  • Cuts, splits (exposed braiding), damaged rims 

Engine/Power Source 

  • Fluid levels (engine oil, coolant & fuel) 
  • Battery (electrolyte, security & charging plug condition) 
  • Fluid leakage around engine 


  • Hydraulic fluid level 
  • Leaks (hoses, pipe connections, rams, and cylinders) 

Hoses and Cables 

  • Security & condition (cuts, chafing, bulges) 
  • Power track cable trays (free from damage & debris) 

Structure Boom and Scissor Pack 

  • General condition (damage, misalignment & corrosion) 
  • Weld cracks 
  • Pins & retainers (security & signs of wear) 
  • Canopies, guards, engine covers (security & condition) 

Platform or Cage 

  • Steps for access egress (secure, undamaged & clear) 
  • Entrance gate, guard rails & retaining pins 
  • Harness anchor pins 
  • Clear of rubbish, debris & obstructions 

Decals and Signage 

  • ID Plate, safety, warning & information decals (legible) 
  • Controls (identification decals & directional arrows) 
  • Platform loads (SWL, max wind speed & max persons) 

Using ground & platform controls 

  • Security devices(function enable, ignition key & foot switch) 
  • Emergency stops & emergency lowering system 
  • All switches, joysticks, and controls (move freely & do not stick) 
  • Lifting mechanisms (raise, lower slew, tele-out & tele-in) 
  • Travel mechanisms (forward, reverse, steer & brakes) 
  • Elevated driving speed (reduced or prevented) 
  • Lights, beacons & warning devices 
  • Alarms (tilt, descent and travel) 
  • Limit switches (load limiter & cab protection) 
  • Pothole protection device (fully deploys & retracts) 
  • Oscillating axle locks, extending axles 
  • Accessories, power to platform & extending decks 
  • Jack-legs, stabilisers, outriggers & levelling devices 
MEWP Checklist

How long should a pre-use checklist take? 

There is no specific time requirement for a pre-use MEWP inspection checklist, but it should take as long as necessary to ensure the vehicle is safe to operate and has been properly maintained. If no problems are detected, an average inspection can take 15-30 minutes. 

How often should MEWPs be inspected? 

Pre-use inspections are often referred to as daily checks.  However, they should be completed every time a new operator prior to using the machine – not only at the beginning of the day. 

Online MEWP Pre-Use Checklists 

Access these pre-use checklists from your phone or iPad, with no printer required to complete them! 

To complete an online MEWP pre-use inspection, you will need to gather the following information about your MEWP and its accessories:  

  • Identify the machine you’re inspecting by its E-Code  
  • Identify who has or will be completing the checks on the above machine (Full name)  
  • Enter your PAL license number, if known.  

The online form will guide you through a detailed list of relevant questions and checks specific to your equipment once completed you can send an email of all the responses to a preferred email account.  

Complete these checklists online and then email to yourself or a supervisor – removing the need for pen and paper. 

Downloadable Pre-Use Inspection Checklist 

Not everyone likes to use online versions!  If you prefer a traditional pen-and-paper checklist, Nationwide has an option for you too!  Download the pre-use checklist here.