National Government Contribution Towards Good Standards Of Health And Safety

National Government Contribution Towards Good Standards Of Health And Safety

How National Government Can Contribute Towards Good Standards of Health and Safety 

Role of National Government or National Government contribution’; This question can be asked in several other ways like
  • The role of National Government in towards maintaining good standards of Health & Safety?
  • Explain how National Government can contribute to improving health and safety standards in the workplace?
  • Outline the ways by which national government can contribute towards maintaining good standards of Health & Safety?
  • Outline the ways by which national government can improve standards of health and safety in the workplace?

National Government should show a clear commitment to bringing Health and safety to the higher priority. This should be done by several steps that need to be taken. Some of the steps will be discussed here:

  • First of all National Government need to announce occupational Health and safety policy at the National level, if it has not been so far.
  • National Government should pass health and safety Act through Parliament and need to bring regulations regarding health and safety.
  • National Government should develop independent legislation or / to adopt ILO conventions (e.g C155) and recommendations (e.g R164).
  • The National government should establish independent authorities for managing Health and safety.
  • National Government should also develop enforcement agencies for implementation of laws.
  • Inspection Regime should be made by those enforcement inspectors on the basis of received complaints, priority due to high risk, routine or random selection of places for inspection.
  • The National advisory body should be established to provide guidance and approved the code of practices to employers. A research center should be made for bringing improvements in health and safety standards.
  • The National government should start social and print media advertising campaigns for bringing awareness regarding health and safety legislation, punishments, requirements, responsibilities of employers and employees and future plans and goals regarding health and safety.
  • Complaint mechanism should be devised for the employees and SOPs should be made to deal with the complaints.
  • Similarly, specified events(like dangerous occurrences) should be listed or defined by the National government and accident reporting mechanism should be developed.
  • National Government should also establish statistics department to analyze the data of reported accidents, injuries or diseases. It helps in measuring the performance of government and related authorities. It also helps in decisions regarding allocation of resources. National incidence rates should be published annually.
  • The National government should also provide insurance and social security schemes to cover some of the losses in the event of accidents, injuries or diseases.
  • The National government should clearly define Roles and responsibilities of employees and employers, consequences of non-compliance with health and safety standards; powers of health and safety inspectors for the smooth running of systems without conflicts.

Though for NEBOSH above points are sufficient the but the national government should give priority to managing health and safety and up-bring health and safety awareness in society. Health and safety management systems should be announced mandatory for every company as it also helps in providing more employment opportunities and results in increase number of institutions providing safety qualification, training, and awareness.


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