Article 19 Of C155 And Recommendation 16 Of R164

Responsibilities Of Worker

Responsibilities As A Worker Within International Labour Organisation Convention C155

Article 19 Of C155 – Occupational Safety and Health Convention, 1981 (No. 155)

There shall be arrangements at the level of the undertaking under which–

  • (a) workers, in the course of performing their work, co-operate in the fulfilment by their employer of the obligations placed upon him;
  • (b) representatives of workers in the undertaking co-operate with the employer in the field of occupational safety and health;
  • (c) representatives of workers in an undertaking are given adequate information on measures taken by the employer to secure occupational safety and health and may consult their representative organisations about such information provided they do not disclose commercial secrets;
  • (d) workers and their representatives in the undertaking are given appropriate training in occupational safety and health;
  • (e) workers or their representatives and, as the case may be, their representative organisations in an undertaking, in accordance with national law and practice, are enabled to enquire into, and are consulted by the employer on, all aspects of occupational safety and health associated with their work; for this purpose technical advisers may, by mutual agreement, be brought in from outside the undertaking;
  • (f) a worker reports forthwith to his immediate supervisor any situation which he has reasonable justification to believe presents an imminent and serious danger to his life or health; until the employer has taken remedial action, if necessary, the employer cannot require workers to return to a work situation where there is continuing imminent and serious danger to life or health.

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International Labour Organisation Convention C155 – Occupational Safety and Health Convention, 1981 (No.155) Article 19

Responsibilities As A Worker Within Associated Recommendation International Labour Organisation Recommendation R164

Recommendation 16 Of R164 – Occupational Safety and Health Recommendation, 1981 (No. 164)

The arrangements provided for in Article 19 of the Convention should aim at ensuring that workers–

  • (a) take reasonable care for their own safety and that of other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work;
  • (b) comply with instructions given for their own safety and health and those of others and with safety and health procedures;
  • (c) use safety devices and protective equipment correctly and do not render them inoperative;
  • (d) report forthwith to their immediate supervisor any situation which they have reason to believe could present a hazard and which they cannot themselves correct;
  • (e) report any accident or injury to health which arises in the course of or in connection with work.

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