Importance of Ladders? Essential Tools

Importance of Ladders Essential Tools

Ladders often get a bad name. With the health and safety culture we live in today, many companies and tradesmen try and forgo ladders and use other methods for working at height. Window cleaner now seem to use pressure hoses, despite the waste of water, and some places erect expensive and time consuming scaffolding for the simplest of tasks.

However, not all businesses can afford to waste money, time and resources which is why the ladder is still the most useful tool for working at height – and it is still an essential for many life saving activities.

Because of their speed and ease of use, ladders can be erected within minutes – seconds in some cases, making them essential tools for times of emergency. Firefighters could not save the amount of lives they do today if they were not able to use ladders and many other professions would struggle too.

Businesses and tradespeople require ladders too. While other methods of working at height are available, often a ladder is a far more practical and cost effective solution -and in tough economic times many businesses are looking to save money. And ladders are able to be used, safely, reliably and without risk of liability as long as proper precautions are taken.

Using ladders safely is very simple. First, the right tool should be selected for the job. If you are not sure about which ladder is best to use for the specific task, consultant your ladder supplier who should be able to help you.

If you already have a ladder to use, ensure you inspect it for any damage. Bends, buckles and crack means you need a new one. Under no circumstances should a faulty ladder be used – and make sure you others know of its condition.

When you erect the ladder, ensure you leave enough rungs at the top to hold onto, and if up are using an extension ladder, make sure the lean angle is not too steep of shallow.

With stepladders and combination ladders make sure they are fully unfolded before you climb – and don’t attempt to scale any ladder with equipment or tools in your hand

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Uses of Ladders:


Minor maintenance and repair work can be done by yourself if you have a multipurpose latter at home. loft ladders you don’t need to call an electrician to change a fuse or bulb, ask assistance to clean up dust or just trim a few plants and creepers. You can do it yourself.

Ladders are safe and strong. As they are made with heavy duty metal, they can bear large amount of weight.  You don’t have to worry about workers’ safety as they are tried and tested by manufacturers.

The most amazing thing about multipurpose ladder is that when in use you can set it up, extend if needed to finish the job. When it is not in use all you need to do it to fold or collapse it and slide it the store room.

Ladder is the best alternative for stair cases. It is not practical or economical to construct steps leading to roof or store rooms as they are rarely used. Instead set up a multipurpose ladder whenever you need to do something and when work is done just put it aside.

Safety while using a ladder:

The 3 Points Of Contact Rule Of Ladder Safety

One may not think that any serious injuries may occur while using a ladder, but that’s not true. There are some safety precautions to be taken before and while using a ladder. It is important to understand the capacities and limitations of your multipurpose ladder to handle it properly. Get to know its parts and operations. If you are extending it then secure the hinges well. If your ladder is leaning on the wall, make sure the base is firm. Read the manufacturer’s manual to read instructions.

Though they are tested for quality, it is better for you to do a personal check as well. According to the load they can bear, they are categorised as heavy, medium and light duty ladders. So based on the kind of work and people using it you have to choose the product.

While not in use it is advisable to store the ladder in a safe place. It left around carelessly; it might be a cause for accident. While using a ladder to do some work related to electricity, extra care has to be taken. You should either use a wooden or fibreglass ladder.

Equally important is its storage, cleaning and maintenance. Clean it properly after use, compress or collapse according to instructions and keep in a dry place. If you are using wooden ladders, then cover it to protect from dust and do not leave in open air as moisture may have harmful effects on it.

Thus this simple yet very useful too proves it worth. You will find it so much more relaxing and stress free when you do some work using a ladder.

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