How to Know if you Chose the Right Scaffolding Equipment

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Have a big job that will require a lot of construction at great heights? Sometimes, a ladder is just not enough. Especially in construction, there are many uses for scaffolding equipment which is why there are so many different types. These ascending tools, although helpful, can get quite costly.

Before purchasing your own scaffolding equipment and spending your hard earned money, make sure that you choose the right kind for the job at hand.

Supported Scaffolding Equipment

When you picture scaffolding, supported scaffolding is most likely what you think of. This type of structure is supported by beams, poles, legs, brackets, and framing to provide durability.

This type of scaffolding is built from the floor up and is relatively easy to install and break down.

Supported scaffolding is commonly referred to as the most cost-effective and safest scaffolding systems available, which may be why they are so often seen used in the construction industry.

Supported Scaffolding Equipment Offered by Industrial Ladder

Werner Narrow Span Aluminum Scaffolding– Build your own aluminium scaffolding tower, however, wide and high you need with this option. Each section ordered comes with base, upper, and guardrail pieces and can be added to the top of other pieces to reach the height you need.

This type of scaffolding equipment can additionally make mobile with caster options that fix to the base of the tower. For use in either indoor or outdoor area, this equipment is versatile, durable, and reliable each and every use.

Pump Jack Scaffolding– This type of scaffolding equipment, while still supported scaffolding, offers electric and gas options for ascending and descending. With just a step of a pedal, your scaffolding system will rise from the floor to the height you desire.

With a few different brands and features to choose from, this easy to use system is great for the construction company that uses scaffolding on a daily basis.

Suspended Scaffolding Equipment

For industrial jobs that cannot benefit from a scaffolding system built from the ground up, suspended scaffolding equipment may be required. Suspended scaffolding is just that; suspended in the air. Instead of using the floor as a base, suspended scaffolding is held by roping and overhead methods of support.

This type of scaffolding is mainly seen in busy streets that cannot afford ground space taken up by scaffolding or tall industrial buildings when work needs to be done on extremely heightened areas.

Mobile Scaffolding Equipment

If you wish to have the ability to move your scaffolding tower where you need it, mobile scaffolding is the right choice for you. For inside and smaller jobs, small scaffolding towers with locking casters work best. They are proven to provide more safety than your average ladder since they offer stability and larger working areas.

Additionally, mobile scaffolding gives you the ability to have multiple workers at once at the heightened work area instead of a ladder that offers room for one person. While in use, these scaffolding towers’ casters should be in the locked position to eliminate the risk of rolling while workers are on them.

Types of Mobile Scaffolding Equipment Offered by Industrial Ladder

Baker scaffolding towers are a great addition to any construction collection. With a few different options for height, load-bearing capacity, brand, and additional features there is a baker scaffolding tower for everyone.

Whether you want additional safety for outside jobs or you need equipment that reaches higher areas indoors, these towers can help.

Aerial Lifts to Provide Scaffolding Functionality

Instead of purchasing an entire scaffolding tower or system, many opt for a machine that can provide the same functionality. Electric and gas platform hoists move materials and tools up to heightened areas without the use of scaffolding equipment.


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