10 September Safety Topics Your Staff Should Be Aware Of

As the summer winds down and September approaches, it’s the perfect time to prioritize safety awareness in your workplace. This month presents a unique set of challenges, from navigating the back-to-school rush to bracing for potential fall weather events. Proactive safety reminders are key to keeping your team safe and minimizing disruptions.

Let’s delve into 10 crucial safety topics to focus on this September, ensuring a smooth and hazard-free transition into the new season.

Focusing on safety topics is crucial for maintaining a healthy and secure workplace. Here are 10 safety topics that are essential for your staff to be aware of:

1. National Preparedness Month

September emphasizes the importance of being prepared for the unexpected. In the workplace, this means not only having an emergency plan but ensuring that all employees know their roles in case of a fire, natural disaster, or other crisis situation. Review your company’s emergency procedures, including evacuation routes, communication protocols, and designated meeting places. Conduct practice drills or simulations to ensure everyone is familiar with the plan and can act quickly if needed.

2. Fall Prevention

Slips, trips, and falls are some of the most common workplace accidents. As the weather transitions and fall approaches, there’s an increased risk due to rain, fallen leaves, and other changes in walking surfaces. Emphasize good housekeeping practices such as keeping floors clean and dry, marking uneven surfaces, and ensuring adequate lighting. Remind staff to wear slip-resistant footwear and to take their time when navigating potentially hazardous areas.

3. Back-to-School Safety

The start of the school year means a surge in traffic, particularly around school zones. Drivers need to be extra cautious, watch for pedestrians (especially children), obey speed limits, and eliminate distractions like texting. For workplaces located near schools, be aware of modified traffic patterns, bus schedules, and increased pedestrian activity during peak drop-off and pick-up times.

4. Suicide Prevention

Mental health is a crucial aspect of workplace safety. Stress, burnout, and depression can lead to decreased productivity, injuries, and even suicide. World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10th serves as a reminder of this critical issue. Train managers and supervisors on recognizing warning signs of suicidal ideation, such as changes in mood, withdrawal, and expressing hopelessness. Provide employees with clear information on the mental health resources available to them, such as an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or mental health hotlines.

5. Substance Abuse Recovery

September is National Recovery Month, a time to acknowledge the challenges of addiction while celebrating those in recovery. Substance abuse can have a devastating impact on both individuals and their workplaces. Educate staff about the signs and symptoms of addiction, and provide resources for those struggling with addiction or supporting a loved one with the disease. If your workplace doesn’t already, consider having a clear substance abuse policy and provide ways for employees to safely seek help.

6. Driving Safety

With Labor Day weekend in September and changes in routine as school begins, traffic accidents often increase. Remind employees about the key principles of defensive driving, like anticipating hazards, maintaining a safe following distance, and exercising extra caution in adverse weather conditions. Stress the dangers of distracted driving, particularly texting or using a cell phone, and always driving sober.

7. Fire Safety

Though fire safety is essential year-round, drier conditions in some areas during September can increase fire risks. Review your workplace fire safety procedures, ensuring everyone knows the evacuation routes and how to use fire extinguishers. Conduct fire drills to reinforce these procedures and verify that all fire extinguishers are up-to-date on inspections and are readily accessible.

8. Ergonomics

Back-to-school preparations for parents might include lifting heavy boxes or backpacks, rearranging furniture, and other tasks that strain the body. Review proper lifting techniques to avoid back injuries, focusing on bending at the knees, keeping objects close to the body, and avoiding twisting while carrying loads. Encourage employees to adjust their workstations for comfort, promoting good posture and minimizing repetitive strain injuries.

9. Food Safety

Foodborne illnesses are a risk that persists in warm weather. Educate your staff on the basics of food safety, including washing hands frequently, separating raw and cooked foods, keeping food at appropriate temperatures, and promptly refrigerating leftovers. This is particularly important if your workplace has potlucks or other shared meal events.

10. Cyber Security

Organizations of all sizes are vulnerable to cyberattacks, leading to costly data breaches and operational disruptions. Train your staff to recognize suspicious emails, create strong passwords that aren’t reused, and be generally cautious when handling sensitive data. Review your company’s cybersecurity procedures and emphasize the role every employee plays in protecting company information.


By proactively addressing these September safety concerns, you create a workplace culture where vigilance and well-being are paramount. Remember, safety isn’t just about compliance; it’s about protecting your most valuable asset – your people. Empower your staff with the knowledge and tools they need to stay safe, enabling a productive and secure work environment for the months to come.