Check The Front Room Fire Test. It Took About 5 Minutes For The Fire To Demolish That Room

Check The Front Room Fire Test. It Took About 5 Minutes For The Fire To Demolish That Room

One of the more common emergencies that happen in residential and office buildings is a fire.

It can happen for any number of reasons, most of which are avoidable, if only with the practice of due diligence and care.

Not only is it destructive to property, it is also highly dangerous for the lives of the people trapped in it.

In fact, it is not necessarily the fire that brings the most harm to the occupants, but rather, the smoke, which could travel fast, clog up the hallways, and suffocate the people.

While people commonly view fire to be just one and the same wherever it may occur, the fact is that there are different classes of it, depending on the type of fuel and amount of electricity present.

Class A – This involves common combustible solids, such as wood, plastics, and items of clothing. The best extinguishing method is by cooling.

Class B – Flammable liquids, like petrol, oils, and paints are best taken head on by smothering.

Class C – This involves flammable gases, such as LPG and other natural gases. The best way to deal with it is by “starving” the fire, which is by turning off the main source of gas.

Class D – Combustible metals like magnesium must be suppressed by inhibiting the chemical reaction.

Class E – Fires starting from electrical devices must be smothered as soon as possible, and the device switched off and cooled, too.

Class F – Fats and oils, such as cooking oils are also best addressed by smothering.

The methods mentioned above are the most ideal modes of containment for the fire, so that it doesn’t do any more damage. Inasmuch as information on containing them is had, however, it is equally necessary to know how fire actually spreads in the first place. Knowing what makes the situation ripe for the fire to travel can help in avoiding that situation for the safety of all concerned.

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